CCTV Cameras

Benefits of Video Surveillance & Security Cameras for your Busines

Surveillance Video Management Software

Software can be classified into three main categories are per the surveillance sites

Video Analytics, Behavior Analytics

ntelligent Video Analytics Software uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of video

Facial Recognition

facial recognition system is a technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces

License plate recognition Walk through Gates & Metal detectors

Automatic License Plate Recognition) system integrated with a 3rd Party Access Control System, or used as a standalone system

Authentication system (RFID, Access Control etc)

security measures put in place to secure data and systems by requiring additional input beyond

Public address system

public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment.

Fire Alarm System & Burglar Alarm

QThese alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations